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He just had to go to the DEA to show Gus that he is supposedly working with them. He specifically wanted to talk to hank so he could tell him all the stuff he did (Suck my dick, fuck you, etc.). I think Walt only brought up Hank to sort of bait Hector to going so he can give the killer of his nephew (i thnk) a piece of his mind Steve Gomez returns to Hank's house and informs him that Hector Salamanca wants to speak only to him. At the office, Hector only attempts to spell out insults to Hank before he stops him. Hank, feeling the encounter was a waste of his time, jokes that he at least didn't shit himself this time, ( Face Off ). Season However, given the severity of Hector's cardiovascular disease — he likely had advanced atherosclerosis and was throwing off emboli as we say in the medical field, which can clog a cerebral artery and cause a stroke — the mere lack of nitroglycerin in those pills would have made it harder for Hector to recover from an acute anginal episode. (This is due to reduction in the vasodilation effect of the nitroglycerin, which opens up the coronary arteries and thereby reduces ischemia.

Note: Character speaks to a now-invalid Hector Salamanca, realizing too late that Walt has helped the elderly kingpin rig a bomb on his wheelchair. [Ding ding ding ding ding ding...] Who: Hector Salamanca; Source: Face Off [Episode 4x13] Note: Character dies in the bomb blast that is triggered by his signature bell that he uses to communicate Hector Salamanca went to the DEA office to speak with Hank. Tyrus was watching him, and he alerts his employer, who assigns him to scan Salamanca's nursing home. Tyrus proceeds to check Salamanca's room for bugs, traps and other dangers before accompanying Gus back to the home, where Gus personally wishes to kill Salamanca Hector Salamanca is partially paralyzed and in a wheelchair in the original AMC series while he is currently fully mobile in Better Call Saul. Although Hank Schrader's DEA partner Steve Gomez.

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Maybe he didn't. Gus had good reason to tell the Salamancas it was Hank whether he knew that to be true or not. Gus told the Salamancas that Hank killed Tuco, but there is no actual evidence that he really knew that to be the case. In addition, there was a strong motive for Gus to tell them it was Hank whether he knew it to be true or not Gus Kill Victor • What did Hector Salamanca do to Mike? ----- The purpose of our channel is to create informational videos. With this video, our goal is to spread scientific knowledge. The.

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Hector claims to want to talk to the DEA, and Hank is brought under protection to help with the interview, but Hector then refuses to cooperate and is returned to the nursing home. This was part of Walt's plan as Gus, learning of Hector's interview, goes to see Hector, upon which Hector triggers a pipe bomb Walt had planted on his wheelchair. Hector Salamanca hated Walt, but he hated Gus Fring even more. Will that same my enemy's enemy is my friend dynamic backfire on Walt when Jesse and Hank get together in the interrogation room Gustavo Fring is a fictional character from the crime drama series Breaking Bad and its prequel Better Call Saul, portrayed by Giancarlo Esposito. He is a Chilean-American major narcotics distributor in the Southwestern United States who uses several legitimate businesses, including a chain of successful fried chicken restaurants called Los Pollos Hermanos and an industrial laundry facility called Lavanderia Brillante, as fronts for a vast drug operation. Gus's restaurants are located across th Hector Salamanca. Hector Salamanca (played by Mark Margolis) is the elderly don of the Salamanca drug organization and an associate of cartel boss Don Eladio. He is the uncle of twins Leonel and Marco Salamanca (the Cousins), Tuco Salamanca, and Lalo Salamanca, and raised Tuco as a son. He taught his nephews that family is everything and lives by the creed himself Cause of Death: Marco nearly succeeded in killing Hank before the DEA agent shot him in the head. Sadness Ranking: 3/10 . Gus double-crossed the cousins by ordering them to kill Hank and simultaneously tipping off Hank himself. With the odds stacked against them by their own employer, the ruthless brothers were caught in what felt like an unfair fight

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Gus Kill Victor • How did Hector Salamanca die? ----- The purpose of our channel is to create informational videos. With this video, our goal is to spread scientific knowledge. The scientific. Jesse meanwhile is taken in for questioning by the police who want to know how and why he told doctors that Brock was poisoned with ricin. Still under DEA protection in his home, Hank learns that former Cartel member Hector Salamanca is at the DEA office but will only speak to Hank. When Hank goes to the office, Salamanca has little of use to say 21. What was the name of the villain who killed Hank Shrader? 22. What weapon was used by the Salamanca Twins? 23. What musical instrument does Hector Salamanca use to communicate 24. What is Tuco's relationship to Hector Salamanca? 25. We first meet Todd when Walt and Jessie need a fake pest control company for a front to their latest scheme

A Guide to Each. Breaking Bad. Death and How Sad It Was. By Margaret Lyons and Monica Burton. Photo: Ursula Coyote/AMC. Breaking Bad is a show about morality. And mortality. And masculinity, and. Walt tried to poison Tuco with ricin but is unsuccessful because of Tuco's uncle Hector. Then they got into a physical fight just before DEA agent Hank Schrader showed up and killed Tuco in a shootout. Indirectly, Walt and Jesse are responsible for Tuco's death, which allows them to become bigger players in the meth trade. Gale Boettiche Hank and Gomez discuss that in the next scene. Old school Mexican gangsters don't talk to the DEA. That's a rock-solid principle with someone like Hector. You don't cooperate with the cops, period. Not even to roll over on someone you hate. Ever..

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  1. If I had to guess based purely on how the actor plays him I would say it was several strokes, at least one of which was severe. Also, MS doesn't fit as someone mentioned below, since MS at the stage of being almost completely paralyzed would have alot of other serious symptoms that we don't see with Hector. My $ would be totally on strokes
  2. Jesse however did violate the code in the 'Rabid Dog' episode when he spilled his guts to Hank about Walt which was the reason why Todd was so hard on him. It all goes back to the saying snitches get stitches. No matter what happens never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut. Edi
  3. What makes Hector an impressive villain is that he still did plenty of damage despite being unable to walk or talk. Hector blew himself up together with Gus and his henchman. Before that, he had pretended to want to offer Hank crucial information. He was wheeled to the DEA offices only for him to insult Hank in front of his colleagues
  4. Anyone else feel pretty bad for Hector Salamanca? I know he has done plenty of shit against people but still I feel that what Gus does to him is pretty sadistic. I know he basically did it to Gus by killing Max but still by that point he is wheelchair bound and has to listen to Gus telling him everyone he ever cared about is dead and that he is.

Gomez explains it literally right after Hector shits on the floor- cartel doesnt talk to dea. 32. level 2. PinballWizrd. 7 years ago. Yep. Hank and Gomez knew this before they brought Hector in. They were hoping to use Hector to scare Jesse into a confession before Hector shat his pants in retaliation. 10 A lot happened in Face-Off, the thirteenth episode of Season 5. Walt finally killed Gus after making a deal with Hector Salamanca. Hector pretended to rat Gus out to the DEA and when Gus went to kill him, Hector blew the both of them up. RELATED: Breaking Bad: The 10 Best Cliffhanger Ending Gus actually first deduces Nacho's efforts in the next-to-last episode of Better Call Saul Season 3 (Fall), at that rainy shack where Gus and Hector Salamanca meet up, and where Juan Bolsa phones in to demand that Hector utilize Gus's distributi.. Gomez tells him that Hector Salamanca is at the DEA office and wants to talk to Hank, and only Hank. Steven Gomez: If you did want to talk to this guy, there's no safer place than the office. Skyler White: I don't think this sounds like a good idea

Because Hank killed him. Hector Salamanca Mark Margolis as Hector. most distilled insight into the essence of Hector Salamanca, of all people, gets the final say in how this. Five seasons of brilliance and absolute twisters, yet still the fans have got every little detail learned by heart. If you claim to be a true a fan then we've got the ultimate Breaking Bad Trivia questions & answers quiz for you and your friends to play for any family night or a friend sleepover party

Hank plotted with Hector Salamanca — who, remember, came to the DEA shortly before blowing himself up — to kill Fring in retaliation. And Hank even demanded that Walt pay $177,000 for his. Tio, or Hector Salamanca, is a crippled, erstwhile drug lord when we meet him in Breaking Bad. He despises the federal authorities and would never ever help them. He prefers to deal with trouble makers in his own, personal way. Implicating Jesse i.. The man he hated the most was Hector Salamanca. This is because Hector shot his partner and rumored lover right in front of him. He could have tried to kill Hector early on, but he never did that. When Hector had a heart attack, Gus, who had initially pretended to care about him by paying for his treatment, made the perfect move

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In early November, Walt and Jesse meet the terrifying Hector Salamanca and Hank Schrader dispatches Tuco. Jesse and Walt find some success in the meth game and begin a modest expansion Directed by Vince Gilligan. With Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn, Aaron Paul, Dean Norris. Jesse is brought to the FBI for questioning on his knowledge of ricin. In a last effort to kill Gus, Walt must ask for help from an old enemy Hard to say. Thing is most of the evidence against Walter White is gone. Secondly, Saul could always play the intimidation card. After all Jesse did beat the shit out of him and Walt has a reputation. Jimmy (Saul) opted to take his money and run rather than take a chance The next plan, the one that worked, was formed after Walt learned that Gus had personally visited Hector to gloat about the death of the last of Hector's relatives. That was a clue that Hector brings out a different side of Gus - different from the calm, careful, practical Gus that Walt could not defeat. Hector made Gus a little bit crazy Hector Salamancanote. (doesn't actually die until Breaking Bad; these are his last words prior to the stroke that leaves him unable to speak) That's how you do it. We had them pissing their pants! Arturo Colon. Fourth Street. Nearest cross-street is Loomis. 10PM. Yeah. Okay, have a great day

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Face Off: Directed by Vince Gilligan. With Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn, Aaron Paul, Dean Norris. Jesse is brought to the FBI for questioning on his knowledge of ricin. In a last effort to kill Gus, Walt must ask for help from an old enemy Eventually, even Hank gets drawn into this chaotic mess. The search for his missing brother-in-law leads him to Jesse Pinkman's mother, which leads him to Jesse Pinkman's stolen car parked outside Hector Salamanca's hut. The timing couldn't be more perfect Played by twins Daniel and Luis Moncada, the Cousins (a.k.a. Leonel and Marco Salamanca) were lethal enforcers in Season 3 of Bad, before meeting their dramatic demise at the hands of Hank. Hank Schrader Dean Norris Hank is Walter's macho brother-in-law. He is also a DEA agent. He is also a DEA agent. Hector Salamanca Mark Margolis Hector Tio Salamanca is a high-ranking Cartel member and Tuco's uncle Oct 27, 2013 - What Does Hector Salamanca Say? DING DING DING... ~by xLaurieClarkex #breakingbad #hectorsalamanca

Breaking Bad Character Endings Ranked From Worst To Best. Over the course of five seasons (six if you're a pedant who refuses to lump seasons 5A and 5B together), Breaking Bad improved with time. The Last of His Kind: He and Hector were the sole remaining members of the Salamanca family and considering Hector is a decrepit old man, his death effectively wipes out the family. Leeroy Jenkins : Even after witnessing Gus poisoning Joaquin's bosses, and when Gus was giving the opportunity for any surviving cartel members to leave, Joaquin.

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Does Walter White appear on Better call Saul? Better Call Saul: Where Breaking Bad's Walt & Jesse Are During The Prequel. Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) served as the core characters of Breaking Bad, but they are still a few years away from joining the drug trade during the events of Better Call Saul •Hector Salamanca (Mark Margolis) offers to pay Mike to say the gun was his to reduce Tuco's charges, (Rebecca); when Mike declines (Bali Ha'i) Hector sends The Cousins (they. With his business say, and Todd proving to and a death lab assistant, Walt rakes in the cash for months before finally retiring. That is until Hank finds a book given to Walt by Gayle on the toilet and finally connects all the pieces. Even though Walt is retired with plenty of money, Hank is on his trail

Hector Salamanca starts off as a seemingly minor character in two episodes towards the beginning of season two, but returns in season three and four in arcs that gradually reveal him to be not only an important player in the Mexican cartel, but in the Backstory of one of the main characters. Asshole Victim: Oh so many Smug Snake: After Hector is hospitalized and Bolsa puts him and Nacho in charge of the Salamanca territory in the U.S., he acts like he runs the place and there is nothing to worry about. He even tries to take more than agreed on during his meeting with Los Pollos Hermanos like Hector did, which quickly earns him his death at the hands of Gus The Entire Breaking Bad Story Finally Explained. Over the course of five seasons, Breaking Bad told a complex, character-driven story of a man whose cancer diagnosis leads him to start cooking and. Breaking Bad -- AMC's first substantial success with original programming -- debuted in 2008 with a seven-episode season (shortened because of the writers' strike) and soon found itself renewed for a second, full season. The show's fifth and final season, consisting of sixteen episodes, will debut in 2012 -- and it will be split into two eight-episode halves. Kindly Albuquerque, New Mexico. Lalo: Oh, you wouldn't get it. Jimmy: O-okay. Lalo: Okay, here's what you're gonna do. You're gonna take 25 south to Las Cruces, then you're gonna pick up 10 west from there. Hey, write this down, man! Es complicado! Jimmy: Alright, 10 west at Las Cruces. Lalo: Little past Deming, there's a state road—it's 146

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  1. Results of 2,744 votes: 1. Awards & Events. Breaking Bad is an American neo-Western crime drama television series created and produced by Vince Gilligan. Still under DEA protection in his home, Hank learns that former Cartel member Hector Salamanca is at the DEA office but will only speak to Hank
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  3. Suddenly, Hector's by Max's side, shooting him in the head, his blood spurting onto Gus. Gus goes after Hector, and is restrained and wrestled to the ground. He ends up lying on his stomach, his face less than a foot from Max's. Look at him, Hector growls. You did this to him
  4. Suffice to say, he ignored Hector's suggestion to stick to chicken. Vengeance Is His: Salud (Season 4, Episode 10) Not only is Gus cautious, but he's efficient
  5. o: A Breaking Bad Movie.A brilliant but underachieving chemist working as a high school science teacher, Walt is diagnosed with ter

Discovery Channel's Bering Sea Gold Season 9 is now set to premiere on Friday, May 8. TheWrap was first to report the show's initial April return date, but that — like so much Spring. Breaking Bad - Tuco's Cousins see Gustavo FringBreaking Bad - Tuco's Cousins VISIT Gustavo FringBreaking Bad - Tuco's Cousins see Gustavo FringTuco's cousins.. Basically looking for any movie that uses a sound (not dialogue) to introduce or establish a character. Examples: - Charlie's tongue clicking in Hereditary. - Hector Salamanca's bell in Breaking Bad (tv show, I know) - Amplifying Meryl Streep's heel footsteps in The Devil Wears Prada. Any suggestions appreciated, thanks

James Morgan McGill or Jimmy McGill, also known by his business name Saul Goodman and later known as Gene Takavic, is a fictional character who appears in the television series Breaking Bad and serves as the titular main character of its spin-off prequel series Better Call Saul.He is portrayed by Bob Odenkirk, and was created by Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould Just finished breaking bad for the first time. Absolutely love it 10/10 show. But I have been wondering which character had the worse ending/fate Hector contacts the DEA and insists upon talking directly to Hank, but at the meeting, Hector just curses at Hank through his interpreter and is quickly returned to the nursing home. Tyrus observes Hector's arrival at the DEA, assumes he is turning informant , and phones Gus, who decides to kill Hector, just as Walt anticipated Walt makes a deal with Hector Salamanca to lure Gus down to his nursing home, then blow him up with a bomb attached to Hector's wheelchair. Gus loses half his face in the explosion, and calmly adjusts his tie before dropping dead. 2 Felina (9.9) - Walt And Jesse's Final Confrontatio

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He brought in Tuco's uncle, Hector Salamanca, to identify Jesse and confirm that Jesse was at Tuco's hideout when Tuco was shot. But when Gomez asked Salamanca if Jesse was at Tuco's hideout, Salamanca didn't respond. Salamanca refused to confirm Hank's suspicions against Jesse even though he stared down Jesse and gave him the evil eye Hector Salamanca (Mark Marigolds) from the Juarez cartel wanted to shorten the prison sentence of his nephew Tuck (Raymond Cruz) after he viciously assaulted Mike. If the driver identifies Mike, Nacho warns, that's bad for both of us. Similar Questions. 1 The Salamanca twins have recently been killed, Hank is beginning to recover from their assassination attempt, and Walt is on reasonably good terms with Jesse, Gus and even Skyler. but they might not even initially realise that he and the chilling Hector Salamanca are one and the same If Jack didn't already cross it by executing Hank, then he definitely did by having Andrea murdered in front of Jesse and threatening to kill Brock too if he stops cooking meth for Todd. Hector Salamanca crossed this years ago, killing Gus' business partner and sadistically forcing Gus to watch his dead body bleed out as Don Eladio taunted him. The crazy thing is that they both want the same thing - for Hector Salamanca to die. But Gus wants to do it his way, on his terms, and no one will get in his way. Right before this, Jimmy asks Kim what movie she wants to watch: White Heat or Jaws 3D

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Hank and Hector here and we'd just like to say strawbs are lip smackin' yummy! 女 #bunniesknowwhatsbest #asmr #rescuebunny #adoptdontsho Hank and Gomez have vanished, the Schrader house was broken into and Walter kidnapped his daughter: enough to know something's on, but nothing leading to Walt's secret identity as a drug kingpin. The only evidence that was there, if I remember correctly, was the testimonies of Marie, Skyler and partly Walter Jr Leonel and Marco Salamanca are a pair of brother assassins, and the cousins of deceased drug dealing maniac Tuco Salamanca. That means they're also Hector Salamanca's nephews. After Tuco is killed by Hank, the pair make their way up from Mexico to avenge him, leaving a trail of destruction on their way to find Walter White How Breaking Bad took us to the breaking point. K.M. McFarland 9:21 am Sun Aug 11, 2013. In a spoiler-soaked preview of the final season, Kevin McFarland looks at one character's embrace of. 'Say My Name': The 10 Biggest he entreats the wheelchair-bound Hector Salamanca into setting off a bomb in a retirement home to outsmart the Los Pollos Hermanos kingpin. When Hank realizes.

I was talking to someone about Breaking Bad and they asked me if I remembered who Hector Salamanca was, I told them that he rings a bell. How many rocks did Hank Schrader have in his collection by the end of Breaking Bad? You might say he was breaking bad Breaking Bad wrapped up back in 2013, so it's time to dust off those cobwebs and test your memory with the hardest Breaking Bad trivia quiz

In the season 4 finale Face Off, Fring indulges in his periodic ritual of going to the nursing home to taunt his mute, wheelchair-bound enemy, Hector Salamanca (Mark Margolis) what happened to Hector Salamanca and why he's in a wheelchairWhile Hector may not know that there's a wheelchair waiting for him with his name on it, the show will surely bring Hank proves faster on the draw, and when he meets Skyler at a local restaurant, he immediately envelops her in a hug. The look on her face is a combination of relief and guilt—relief, because. Hector Salamanca, better known as the frantic bell-ringing Tio Salamanca, uncle to The Cousins and father-figure to Tuco (now all dead). Instead, Gus steered them toward Hank (and then. This nicely sets up Gus's vengeful obsession with Hector Salamanca (and, on top of that, provides a significant, equally compelling arc on Better Call Saul). 13. Peekaboo (Season 2, Episode 6

Hank ordered a gimp mobile with hand controls to get him back to the laundry. AMC Jesse (Aaron Paul) accompanies Gus to the nursing home, where Hector Salamanca is told the last living member of. Yes, Tuco's uncle, Hector Salamanca (Mark Margolis) When I got the script, it didn't say Tio Salamanca or Hector. They were six steps past the CIA in terms of redacting. Hank is dead. Don Hector Salamanca (Mark Margolis) He walks! Hector -- the uncle of Tuco Salamanca -- had a wheelchair in Breaking Bad. But the old man who was constantly ringing his bell to communicate was a. 'Grilled', as I've said many times, was the first episode that truly convinced me that Breaking Bad was one of the all-time greats. Whether it's Raymond Cruz' fantastic performance as Tuco, or the first appearance of the bell-ringing Hector Salamanca, or perhaps the shoot-out between Hank and Tuco at the end, 'Grilled' is full of great moments

11. Hector Salamanca. Hector's explosive ending was a fitting homage to his character and helped explain why so many members of his family were genuinely insane. A bitter man, he was proof that even with millions made from the drug game, he was still ultimately unhappy with life Gus, you may recall, watched his partner Max get shot in the head by Hector Salamanca and Don Eladio, and was forced to lie beside the body and look in his eyes while Salamanca said, Look at him. Hermanos gives us a little bit of insight with a late 1980s flashback to Gus and his close friend Max meeting with Hector Salamanca, Don Eladio, and other members of the Mexican cartel to try. It came later, that backstory of this loathing Gus Fring had for Hector Salamanca, as a device, as a way in to allowing Gus to make a mistake, and let Walt get too close to him When Gus goes to visit Hector Salamanca in ''Crawl Space,'' the bell-ringing uncle keeps his eyes on the television, where 1958's Best Picture Oscar winner plays. Budd Boettiche

He did so by blowing Gus up alongside Hector Salamanca who was actually in on the plan all along. Then, when Skyler asked whether or not Walter was involved in the chaos, he simply replied with I won. 7 We're Done, When I Say We're Don 2. Hector Tio Salamanca/Gus Fring/Tyrus Kitt, Face Off: They weren't good guys, of course, but good old Hector Salamanca (Mark Margolis) could always be counted on for bell-related comedy.At. Upon recovery, Hank was bent on revenge. Working with a man named Hector Salamanca, he plotted to kill Fring. The bomb that he used was built by me, and he gave me no option in it. I have often contemplated suicide, but I'm a coward. I wanted to go to the police, but I was frightened. Hank had risen to become the head of the Albuquerque DEA

Capping off the best season of Breaking Bad was the climax of the fourth season. The nail biting chess match between Walter White and Gustavo Fring reached its gruesome apex with Walt convincing the enemy of my enemy is my friend Hector Salamanca to allow Walt to strap an explosives detonator to his iconic bell that he had attached to his wheel chair Then there's Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks). He's greeted at home by an associate of Hector Salamanca (Mark Margolis) named Arturo (Vincent Fuentes) who requires an answer re: the deal from last episode. Respectfully I'm gonna have to say no, advises Mike. Afterwards, he literally lays a welcome mat on his front porch After he made his own home movie with Jesse, Hank knows everything that Jesse knows—not just Gus and Hector Salamanca and the Cousins, but Drew Sharpe and Brock and a lot about Walt and Jesse's. The story of Walter White from Breaking Bad. 1 History 2 Season 1 3 Season 2 4 Season 3 5 Season 4 6 Season 5 6.1 Part I 6.2 Part II 7 El Camino Walter White was born on September 7, 1958. When he was 6 years old, his father died of Huntington's disease-something that's left scars on him ever since. While not much is known about his relationship with his mother, it's implied they most likely.